Energy and Space Clearing


Energy can accumulate over time. 

I am able to clear this as well as any entities that may need to be shown the way home.  


Yoruba Tarot Card Reading


The Yoruba people from around

the world practice the ancient religion IFA and use tools of divination to communicate to the spiritual realm

for personal growth and clarification. 

I will explore your agents of change, or ashe, with you.    

Tai Chi/Cinnabar Meditation

$50 per class

Let's nourish our Ch'i energy

by accumulating, amplifying, preserving, transmuting and mastering through movement, breath, and meditation.  



Bars $250

Body Processes $225

SOP $399

Contact me for Packages!

My sessions will help bring ease to your life. These sessions are design to help create joy and questions to your body for more Orgasmic living. The Bars will help unlock all of the mind clutter which keeps you stuck. Symphony of Possibilities will allow you to explore with your body living undefined and freedom. Body processes are designed to open stagnant energy locked in ones Body. For more information go to

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