Enlightening Psychic Reading - LIVE ZOOM

Join us for this extraordinary live event where the veil between the physical world and the spiritual realm is lifted.

On July 4th at 8:00 AM PDT we invite you to connect via Zoom for an unforgettable evening of divine messages, heartfelt connections, and profound insights.

John H. Jr Ashford, a renowned psychic medium, will guide you through an intimate session where you will receive personalized messages from the Universe, your past loved ones, and beyond. This unique event ensures that every participant will receive a meaningful and enlightening message, bringing clarity, comfort, and a deeper understanding of their life's journey.

Don't miss this chance to experience the remarkable abilities of John H. Jr Ashford as he bridges the gap between the seen and unseen, delivering messages of love, hope, and guidance.

Reserve your spot now for an evening that promises to be transformative and inspiring. Let's come together in this sacred space and open our hearts to the wisdom and love that awaits.

Secure your place today and prepare for an extraordinary hour of revelations and connections.

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We look forward to sharing this magical experience with you!



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$4.00 USD