Journey vs the Destination


 Audio and Video Recording with John H. Jr Ashford

Let’s explore the essence of a journey mindset, where the delight lies not just in reaching a destination, but in savoring every moment of your voyage.

Rather than fixating on a future happiness, revel in the joy of each step, each connection, and each revelation that unfolds as you navigate this lifetime experience.

Are you ready to dance with the energies of the journey, celebrating progress along the way, or will you choose to wait for the destination's elusive promise? The choice is yours!

John H. Jr Ashford invites you to embrace the magic of the now, right here in the realm of the present.

🌟 Total Listening Time: 1 hour and 13 minutes

  •  Audio Replay 
  •  Video Replay 

What you can expect:

  •  Revel in the joy of each day, week, month and years
  •  Turn the fixation of future destinations into the elation of every day
  •  Know that each day is building upon the next, collectively providing you this incredible adventure

🦄 Let's Go!

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