$369 USD

1:1 Coaching Session

What makes you choose to do what you're doing today?
What would you like to be doing
What is your next step?

There are times when we all need a little assistance and guidance!

John has facilitated clients for over 30 years and in this session you are introduced to question of self-discovery, uncovering your own unique solution. 

Coaching sessions are 60 mins in length (unless otherwise specified) and will engage you with a process of being at ease with YOU, providing clarity on the choices you are faced with. If there is something you are ready to look at and get that a private coaching session with John will contribute please purchase your session here 👉.  Once purchased John will contact you directly to set up a mutually convenient time and date for you both.

'I was once told by my teacher that when the Student is ready the teacher magically appears. What can we discover together?'


John H. Jr Ashford, Influencer of Possibilities



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