This a process that takes a deep dive into those memories, experiences and traumas that keeps you a victim of sadness, shame and anger. Where has the trauma of abuse been locked into your body? What would it take to be Joyful? Do you have to live with abuse forever? This process begins to take a unconventional look into creating a new way of being. There are two parts to this process. First You need to listen to The Original Clearing Issues of Abuse MP3 or CD 20-30 times to prepare your body for the abuse hold body process (if you received physical abuse, mental abuse and sexual abuse you may require to listen to the MP3 or CD at least 60 times). If you require any verbal facilitation or Body process to assist you know that I am available to support you through the process... please know that you may require to have a bars session while you are listening to the MP3 or CD to have more ease during this process. After listening to The Original Clearing The Issues Of Abuse CD or MP3 you can schedule a session to receive the abuse hold body process session. During the session you will lay down on a massage table totally dressed to receive the abuse hold body process and if it is required there will be verbal facilitation to clear energy blocks. If this interest you please contact me at Purchase The Original Clearing The Issues of Abuse audio here:

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 500 US dollars
  • Customer's Place