Interview with John Ashford Jr.

"Agent of Change"

Q:  What is BEING?

JA:  BEING is the constant goal.  Not thinking or feeling but just being present in our world.  Being is awareness, consciousness, of not only ourselves but our inner connectedness to every fucking thing.  

Q:  How did you get to your current state of spirituality?

JA:  At age 13 I entered a seminary.  Eight years later I graduated from a Jesuit university.  I studied sacred geometry which led me to the Ifa religion. I have traveled, learned, and participated in many diverse spiritual practices from Tai Chi,to Cinnabar Meditation,  to Matrix Energetics, and most recently Access Consciousness. I have always had an intense desire to search for the truth.  All of my life experiences and gifts have led me to where I am now.  

Q:  What does "healing" mean to you?

JA: Healing is uncovering the true self.  Each session I help peel away another layer, another cover if you will, of you.  At birth we are exposed, but as life happens we gather armor to protect ourselves from pain.  As we recognize this, we can remove the armor and find ourselves again.  

Q:  How do you bring this work to clients?


JA:  I facilitate by staying in the question of what is possible? 

Q.  Who are your biggest influences in your life work?

JA: Baba Ogunseye, Bernie Bayard, Dr. Dain Heer, Moo​ji


Q:  What ARE you?

JA: Universal Infinite Being!

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